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Pet Store Madness

Do we need a new Costco-style pet mart on the Coast?

Pet Valu is a monster chain of pet stores that is apparently coming to Gibsons, having already opened its barn doors in Sechelt. We have a handful of independent pet supply stores on the Coast that could well be wiped out by another monster store.

If you know anything about this, or have an opinion, please comment.


  1. Well Pet Valu has been on the coast some time now in the mall. We have never been in it and never will. It isn’t even tempting. We prefer to support our local small businesses. One pet store has already bit the dust, the lovely doggy bakery, awhile back. But two are still on the go and I wish them every success. Stick to it, the big box store won’t survive if we refuse to shop there. Show mega bucks owners we don’t need or want them in our community. Sure it’s more convenient, sure it may be a few cents cheaper but look around at all the empty stores in town now. We need to support our local owner/operators to survive and thrive. That’s what small town is about, that’s why we all moved to a small town. Otherwise we’ll just be another strip mall on the side of the highway like everywhere else. No, we’re going to keep going to Best Friends Pet Store to see Cooper and know we are contributing to a family business that keeps our money here on the coast.

  2. In my opinion, the Sunshine Coast does not need ANY big box stores. Small and medium sized businesses are a nice fit !

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