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I’m SO fired-up about ‘Coast Lite’, my idea for the Gibsons Public Art Gallery’s year-after-next-year’s show! Its focus will be on the funny, goofy, raunchy, irreverent, lighthearted art, music, song, dance, and what-have-you of the Sunshine Coast! I invite EVERYONE who’d LOVE to take part to get back to me about it! Why ‘Coast Lite’? Well, after a reception, galleries tend to sit there, sad and lonely, with little going on; but this show could be a mini-festival, with stuff going on night and day for the whole stretch! Goofy art on walls, yes–then add YOU singers, bands, poets, jugglers, speech-makers, stand-ups, burlesque (Stevo et al!) acts, theater skits, doggies doing back-flips! Annual event shaping up here? Hope so! My submission goes in this month–how about brain-storming how YOU could add to the delight?! Please share!

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