A Slideshow Test

If you’d like to post images or music or any multi-media, then we think it can be done in this community-based experimental space.  Bear with us; we are still mastering the technology.


  1. Looks good! The only issue seems to be that it grabs the height of the tallest image. All images will have to have the same dimensional ratio. Definitely not the most responsive theme.

    • Agree. Something we might have to live with.
      Also, seems like there is no “featured image” option for contributors. We’ll have to work around that one.

      • It seems the various role privileges have increasing rights to insert images, etc. This might be something we can deal with. It is important, I think, in the short term, to make it easy for contributors to be able to put in text, images, sounds files – – – particularly images. We can tweak this thing. Got two very good endorsements from former journalism pals. Short term is to get content, and to make it as flexible as possible. It’s all do-able.

        I am working on a banner and a square image.

        The tutorial is slowing, in light of the sharply varying permits of the various categories of contributors. I’m torn between being a total control freak (having everything send to me/us for approval) or a more open user system. So, I am reluctant to write a single document until we decide how many privileges new users are accorded. My instinct is to have registered contributors who write what what they write – but which has to be moderated by either you or me before approval. The inclusion of images is an issue.

        Sunday thoughts.


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