Taxes May Kill Floral Houseboats

A beloved feature of the Gibsons waterfront may soon vanish – a victim of high taxes.

For many years, Liz Williams has maintained the amazing floral houseboats, which are moored at the government wharf. These beautiful floating gardens have been a source of delight to all – residents and visitors alike, in all seasons. Indeed, the peaceful beauty of these islands of green provided immeasurable cheer on otherwise wintry days.

This was a labour of love for Williams, and she not once profited from her work.

The Town Of Gibsons appears to wear the black hat in this sorry affair, – objecting to the fact that the floral barges were never intended to be a commercial venture.  It would seem that the municipal weasels care not a whit for the shining patch of beauty in an otherwise bleak and grimy marina.

Over the years, the barges have been the subject of countless artworks, articles, and memories.  During tourist season, it is common to see visitors having their pictures taken against this green and growing work of nature.

This, apparently, is an ongoing tale. Four years ago, it received local coverage here:





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  1. It would be such a shame for these flower gardens to disappear from the waterfront. They are featured in the latest tourism booklet ! I hope something can be worked out .

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