Voting In Spring. Hope


Spring has come to the Sunshine Coast. A time of hops (oops, that also). What I meant to say is hope, as illustrated by the magnificent Magnolia just outside my front door, which has taken her sweet time to show herself.

The sense of hope and looking forward is everywhere in the air, and that emotion ought to inform us about how we might vote in this coming week’s provincial election.

Now, there are those who may chose to vote strategically, but this is a mug’s game – and also deeply negative. Each of our votes must be positive, and ought to reflect what we believe in.

We have three capable candidates to chose from.

The Liberal, Matthew Wilson, who is a decent and articulate guy, will be attractive to business owners and those who subscribe to neo-liberal ideas. But his party has brought this province to record levels of public debt, which is a bit of a paradox.

That leaves the NDP and the Greens, and this is where my fear of strategic voting lies.

I feel (and have written about) my preference for Nicholas Simons of the NDP. He deserves, in my view, the vote on the strength of his record as a good constituency man with a realistic platform. But Kim Darwin (Green) is also a strong candidate, but with weak party policy behind her. I am afraid that voters here will split the left-wing vote and hand Wilson the seat – and thereby his leader, Christy Clark, another four years to do as she does.

Vote with the heart and the head, and above all with positive hope for a vision of what we can make of our little corner of heaven here on the Sunshine Coast.









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  1. Mathew Wilson is not, in my opinion, either decent or articulate. I am disgusted that he would imply, in his paid ads, that he’s responsible for “saving” Shornecliffe and Totem or that it’s Nicholas Simons who turned people against the privatized facility (what an insult to our intelligence). I considered Mathew’s father, Gordon Wilson, intelligent and even voted for him once when the N.D.P. ran a weak candidate. I do not believe the son has inherited that intelligence.

    As for “voting for what we believe in”, that is impossible when all the parties are infected by the neo-liberal agenda. I like Nicholas Simons and that’s who I’ll vote for today, but his party scapegoated and punished people on welfare when they were in power back in the ’90’s in slavish imitation of Bill Clinton’s policies, and I’m not sure they’re over that yet. I like Kim Darwin but I won’t vote for her because I fear vote splitting and I don’t like her party leader who seems to be a Liberal in disguise. So, I can’t very well vote with my heart, can I? Does that mean I’m voting strategically, to try to avert vote-splitting. No, not this time, because I do like and respect our N.D.P. candidate.

    I voted strategically in the federal election because Canada could not survive another Stephen Harper term–it wasn’t because I believed in either of the other parties.

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