Four More For Nicholas

It seems that our incumbent, the NDP’s Nicholas Simons, has earned the trust of voters on the Sunshine Coast and will not have to clear out his desk at the Legislature for at least four more years.

This is a good thing, in your humble publisher’s opinion. He has been an active and responsive representative and deserves his renewed mandate.

But this does not mean he is immune to challenge and, while still in opposition, must continue to address many pressing issues facing our area.

There is only so much an MLA – not least one in opposition – can directly do. But moral suasion is something an energetic and creative opposition member can exert. One area where Mr. Simons can and must influence is in the area of social policy and funding.

He must lobby Vancouver Coastal Health tirelessly for increased funding in the area of mental health and related services.

He must be tireless in creating partnerships between local government, business, and charitable funding agencies to better the lives of the too many living in need.

And, most especially, he must exert his considerable powers of persuasion on the mayors of Sechelt and Gibsons to balance the resources dedicated to economic growth with those needed by the hungry, homeless, and unwell.

The election is over. Summer is just around the corner. But that does not mean a holiday or honeymoon for Mr. Simons. Based on his record, your publisher imagines he feels the same way.






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