Vancouver Old And New

A changing, sad, but still gorgeous and hopeful city. No need to keep reading, unless . . . 

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Communities exist for a reason. And sometimes, it takes living in a prairie town to appreciate that. Or any rural place, for that matter.

Folks need folks – to collect, share, and create a place of communion.

The great Western cities – Athens, Rome, Paris, London – were places where the pressing needs of community met, where diverse ideas merged, and into fantastic amalgams of creativity grew.


Write about yours.





  1. The narrative of a city is so important to keep alive as it changes – grows or shrinks. Sustainable urbanism envisions a city much more in line with its ecology and people. Ideas of ecological and socially just communities are growing in league with challenges to lower emissions and renew our relationship between built and natural environment. It’s an interesting time of change to live in a city.

  2. I was born a third generation Vancouverite, which I’ve been told all my life is a rare thing. My paternal grandparents arrived as very young people, with their families, in the mid-1880’s–my grandfather before the Great Vancouver Fire and my grandmother the year after. In 1928, as an 18-year-old plasterer’s apprentice, my dad helped build the Hudsons Bay department store at Georgia and Granville.

    Visiting the city these days is a bit depressing. It belongs to the elites now and has no place for ordinary people except as wage slaves commuting from the suburbs.

    • I was born in 1959 in Vancouver and was raised in Kerrisdale. It was a small city then; everybody on the west side knew everybody.

      There are still nests of old memory that remain. Stanley Park. Little Mountain. Jerrico Beach. Commercial Drive.

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