The Best Fast Food On The Coast: Reviews Please

We here on the Coast are foodies. We love our healthy meals.

But the grand tradition of fast food remains – and the definition of it is flexible.

What is your favourite fast-food joint?

Your publisher’s is the Village, in Sechelt. A deluxe cheeseburger second to none, and fries to die for. Second, is Molly’s.

Your review can be from anywhere. And it may not be a burger. It may be the ultimate Reuben Sandwich or Clubhouse.

It may also be one of the amazing gojigo ( presentations (which is your publisher’s actual plant-based favourite).

Write. Show. Tell.

Got a recipe for the perfect burger? A fast, nutritious salad. Share it here.





  1. The best fish and chips on the Coast, in my opinion, are at Sharkey’s (hope I spelled it right)! I can’t even think of describing them without my mouth watering! O la la!

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