One image, one story

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Every picture does tell a story.

Sometimes, it is overt. Occasionally it takes time time to process.

Intention is important. Was this image intended for someone else – to have an emotional impact on the viewer?

Or was this image just me? My artistic need to express?

Both of these questions are right.

If you have an image, and a story behind it, then the publisher of Coast Independent would like to hear about it.

The image that accompanies this post is of a palm plant and the planet Venus. Your publisher created it because of his love of the ephemeral. The palm, because of her feathery reach into the wind, and Venus for her eternal, mythical loving glow downward to Earth.

Send us your images and the stories behind them by clicking the “Have Your Say” link at the top of the page.

How this shot was taken:

Canon G16. Tripod. Exposed for Venus. Palm in the foreground “washed” with a flashlight. Exp. F1.8, 10 sec. Post processing in LR: clarity 15, sharpen 25, crop



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