The Whitakker House

Snapshot: The Whittaker House

It seems to be the season for nostalgia and this snapshot is full to the brim of that.

In 1974 Whittaker House stood on the corner of Cowrie and Inlet where the Pharmasave now stands. The Arts Community rented out rooms in the house at a very reasonable rent for artists to sell and create in a most inspiring character building. My sister-in-law Cookie and I had the tiny room in the upper right window. We called it The Upper Room where we sold our sand crafted candles, patchwork clothing and household creations and collectibles. It was in that little room I learned to love the people of Sechelt who bought our items and came by for tea and chats. It was also here I met my husband, Ken, who was visiting his friend Christabel in the antique shop next to our room. He was doing black and white photography and had a showing in the living room of Whittaker House that year. Oh the stories that building could have told had we had the foresight to preserve rather than replace it.

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  1. I am loving these snapshots. I’ve learned new things about people and places on the Coast. Thank you for making this possible.

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