Michael Mann – “The Ideal Friend Adventures”

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Micheal Mann and Richard Austin were on what seemed like just another Tuesday on their way to the SPCA on Field Rd in Wilson Creek, on the idyllic Sunshine Coast.

Micheal stared longingly at Strait Coffee as they passed. They would be going there for a cuppa Joe after work.

Richard and Micheal pulled up to the gate of the local SPCA and parked in front of the small shack outside.

They walked in and Micheal began to clean Cat Room One, which was housing a great cat named Sadie. Sadie was black and white, a bit heavy, with dark yellow eyes. She mostly kept herself to herself though; Micheal understood this wholeheartedly.

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Midway through scooping the litter tray, Micheal heard a giant truck pull up with a humungous trailer attached. A man dressed in trucker attire got out and walked inside. Micheal’s interest was beyond piqued so out he went to investigate.

“Well, you see I hafta have a place t’put em all, they isn’t circus material no more,” said the man. He looked to be in his early fifties, a stubbly white and brown beard and brown eyes with no hair protruding from his trucker hat.

“I don’t know if we can house them, we are only a small operation” the manager, Cindy replied.

“They’s so good, won’t give n’one no trouble,” the man begged.

Micheal didn’t know what was in the trailer, but by the size of it, it had to be something massive.

“What have you brought?” he cut in.

“Elephants young man, 2 elephants.”

ELEPHANTS!! Micheal ran and got Richard, who has busy in the laundry room, folding sheets.

“Richard, buddy, there are elephants outside!!”

“Surely you’re putting me on?” he joked. “It’s not April first yet.”

“Nope, I’m being honest. There are elephants outside.”

Richard by now had known Micheal for quite sometime and knew when he was being serious. So along with him he went to see for himself.

They both went outside and saw the man with the stubbly beard talking to Cindy and she was saying, “Okay let’s take a look. I think I know of a sanctuary that can help.” The man then opened the trailer and out walked two enormous elephants. It was a sight to behold.

Suddenly a dog that had been out for a walk with another volunteer appeared and not knowing what else to do when faced with such creatures began barking its fool head off.

Well, that startled the poor elephants and off they tore, down the lane then down Field Road.

“Well pickle my whiskers!” said the trucker, throwing down his hat in disgust.

“What are we gonna do man?” asked Richard to Micheal.

“I dunno dude!”

Everyone could hear horns honking, the elephants trumpeting, and could feel the concrete beneath them shake with each landing of their massive feet.

Micheal suddenly got an idea.

He pulled out his smartphone and called Quality Garden & Pet in Gibsons, a mere 15-20 minutes away.

“Hi it’s Mike, yeah listen, how many bags of peanuts do you guys have in stock?”

“Weird question, why do you wanna know?” Jackie asked.

“There are two elephants rampaging down Field Road right now and if we can get some peanuts, like enough, they might be coaxed back to their trailer.”

“Are you nuts?” Jackie asked laughing.

“Okay, don’t believe me, fine, take a listen to this,” Micheal said and put his phone on speaker, relaying the ensuing chaos.

“I believe you now!” She said. “We just got a huge shipment of stock in and there must be about 100 bags of peanuts.”

“Perfect! Listen, get those trucks to Wilson Creek pronto and meet me at the bottom of Field!” Micheal ordered.

“You got it!”

Due to the extenuating circumstances, speed limits were ignored and the trucks arrived in no time flat.

Micheal and Richard began to rip open the many bags of peanuts and shook them all into a piles up the road.

Just as Micheal predicted, the elephants ate their way back up Field Rd and with the final bit of peanuts, (and some dog and cat treats from the SPCA building) the two elephants were safely returned to their trailer and with pronounced thanks, the man drove away to find the sanctuary that Cindy had told him about.

“So,” Micheal said to Richard “Coffee now?”


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