Snapshot: April

April, as everyone knows, is Poetry Month. Officially. And the Sechelt Library has taken it on with bells on.

At an open mic event April 3rd at the library, there were 22 people reading poems, their own, or from their favourite poets. Some the well-known local poets like Micheal Oswald and Richard Austin Borthwick were there. Micheal read a new poem about death and writing and an oldie but a goodie as he said, the title poem from his first book, “I Am A Man Who Cries.” Richard recited a beautiful Gerald Manly Hopkins poem and a sweet haiku that he’d written. Jane Davidson of The Writer’s Festival read Lorna Crozier. The two most popular non-local poets were Lorna Crozier and Leonard Cohen. Sechelt Mayor Bruce Milne read a few Leonard Cohen early poems. This one I have loved forever:

“As the mist leaves no scar upon the dark green hill

So my body leaves no scar on you

Nor ever will…”

An elderly man who’s name I didn’t catch, John I think, read or sang or chanted the beautiful Cohen song “Bird On A Wire.” He added a hat and a cane which really made it a performance. So much can be done with a hat.

“I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch.

He said to me you must not ask for so much

And a pretty woman leaning on her darkened door

She cried to me why don’t you ask for more?”

Props to the Sechelt Library for helping to bring poetry alive in this way

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