Snapshot: Harvesting Nettles

I decided that I needed to get into the garden.

I started by leaning back in the gravity chair. If you haven’t seen one of these, they allow you to lean way back and not fall. I am stuck in jeans and a sweater mornings, and not really having my summer clothes organized, so it was way too hot in the gravity chair. I didn’t fall asleep, even though I was tired, and I could not quiet my mind. So after seventeen and a half minutes, I got up and went in to suit up to pick nettles, with the intention of making nettle soup for dinner. I got gloves and a colander to pick into and a pair of scissors. The nettles were further along than expected, tall and a bit sparse, and something had been eating them, but I started picking. I was stepping on something fragrant. It turned out to be oregano, so I picked some of that for the soup. As I was clipping the oregano, I noticed it was brown in the centre of the plant, then I saw the brown part was moving, then I saw it was a whirl of movement, and the movement was ants, thousands of ants disturbed by my clipping. I let them be and went back to my nettle harvesting. I have decided I need to spend the whole day in the garden. I need to get my shorts organized, and if doesn’t rain I need to get the hose out. Spring has sprung, but it’s really more like summer.

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