Snapshot: SPCA, companionship

Volunteering at the SPCA up Field Road was a treat today.

Most times I am doing some task or another, washing dishes, cleaning kitty litters etc. Today was a rarity (thought to be fair I arrived in the afternoon), where I just sat with and petted beautiful cats. I’m not supposed to have favourites but I do at the moment. His name is Mickey. Mickey is an older cat and overweight but it doesn’t define him, neither does him being a black cat. Mickey is the most affectionate care I’ve ever met. He sits on your lap and as you stroke him, my how he purrs. Why he is not adopted yet is beyond me.

Other rock star kitties include Shady, a gentle white kitty; Whiskey, a black and white gentleman; and, just arrived, Jack and Elliot, a black, and black and white, bonded pair of buddy felines. You may ask why don’t I adopt them. I’m enough to take care of LOL. My fur fix is sated twice a week at the local SPCA. As much as I love them, they do need a good home! Searching for companionship? Look no further than these fabulous felines. Give them a furever home. They are the purrfect addition to your family.



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