Facing Up to Facebook, A Rant

Like almost the whole planet, I’m always on Facebook. And what do I see? Post after post about Eminem, MGK, or people saying, “I’m cleaning my friends’ list.” I rarely post myself but I’m guilty of sharing to promote my interests, namely music, movies, or even, yes, a cat video, or something political.

I understand the concept of wanting to be heard, and as my friend says, “I have an opinion about opinions.” But 24/7 posts, pretty much 365, I mean really??? Don’t you have a life??? Family? Friends?

Don’t get me wrong, I am on FB constantly. But to me, if you are not a musician, designer, or actor, 24/7/365 posts should not be a thing.

If you are a musician, for instance, promotion is something I do feel deserves a lot of Facebook time. Small time or underground artists post a lot on my Timeline when a new album is coming out or they are going on tour. Andrew Raines AKA Don Orias recently made a post to promote a new album. The post said if a hundred likes were achieved, the new album would be made free for a limited time. As a huge fan, I jumped at the chance and not only “liked” the status, but shared the heck out of it. Eighty-eight likes were reached and Don Orias released Agony, his new album, for free on his Bandcamp site. This is important, if not vital promotion for an underground artist as it is a good way to gain new fans.

But when you are not an artist, musician, or actor, non-consequential posts, like trolling or what team won what game, are not needed. And what the heck is the deal about watching concerts through a cell phone on Facebook Live? Most of the time the sound is so bad I can’t even hear the words. If it were me, I would just use my cell for selfies with the artist and that’s it. Put the phone away! Record the concert in your mind’s eye and experience the epicness 100 per cent!

But yes, I have dabbled in small time posts once in a while. Guilty as charged. For example I posted about apple crumble and Law and Order recently, so no, I’m not immune. Really all that does is make you the one person dying to be the centre of attention. Got a dog? Play with him or her. Having a baby? Get the beep off your phone! Times such as these are for your eyes only. Love and cherish them.

Rant over.



  1. Good rant. It is still possible to live without Facebook. I am not on Facebook. My husband is not on Facebook. We don’t even miss what we are missing. We have trails to walk through the woods, deer outside the window to watch, a garden to work in, real flesh and blood friends to talk to in person. I don’t know what it’s all about and I don’t care to either. Life is too good and beautiful for mundane gabbing with someone who can’t even spell. By the way, we don’t have a TV either. 😉

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