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Roberts Creek Unincorporated

Forty years or so ago, the book “Remembering Roberts Creek” was published.

It covered the very early days, up until the 50s. In its way, it was good; but so much of what the Creek means to us really happened in the 60s and 70s.

Ed Lands and your loyal publisher are putting together a follow-up to that work, and we are looking for your input. Stories. Art. Spoken word. What was your experience in those days?

Ed and I hope to publish a vibrant, strange, shocking, revealing, odd . . . oh, the adjectives are endless! Something memorable. A portmanteau.

If you have a story to tell, a song to sing, an image to show,  then, you can submit your idea or completed piece by email to We’ll be canvassing you in other ways and in other venues; Coast Independent is just one.

We are looking for pieces in the 300-400 word range, though if you have more to say then fill yer boots!




  1. I do have a story to share regarding the bad old days and the infamous Goon Saloon located above the present Gumboot Café. In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s the Goon Saloon was where one could meet friends, imbibe alcoholic beverages and smoke some dope and maybe play some cards. It was particularly popular after hours, on Sundays and holidays back before provincial drinking laws were relaxed for Expo 86.

    One particular afternoon the speakeasy was quickly rushed by several RCMP looking for someone. They left almost as quickly as they’d arrived, not having found their suspect as, earlier that day, a murder had been committed on a property in the upper Creek. A dope deal gone bad had resulted in the murder of local character Billy Black in front of several witnesses including a bunch of kids… Interestingly, the police had until then discreetly left the watering hole alone… to be continued

  2. How about the dark side of “Roberts Clique”? Like how you’re told your housemate can’t possibly be ripping you off because she’s “one of us”. Or if “one of us” screws you around it’s because you “attracted” this experience to your life and you should be grateful because this contributes to your spiritual development.

    Sorry to be negative, but this was my experience of cool and groovy Roberts Creek in the mid-eighties.

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