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At the All Candidates Meeting the other night for the Roberts Creek representative to the Sunshine Coast Regional District, the five candidates – all fine folk – were asked what was special about Roberts Creek. The answers were pretty much what you might expect – trees, the sense of community, the creativity and so on. Then one of them slipped in the word dancing.

Yes! Dancing! What could be more Roberts Creek? Dancing on the mandala, dancing to reggae at the Legion, making the floor bounce with our dancing at the Hall. Yes!

But there is one problem with this civic vision. The clue is the sea of grey hair at the All Candidates meeting. Yes. We are getting old. Roberts Creek is apparently a community of elders. You see it everywhere you go and community planners plot to make it different, but it is so.

Maybe it’s time to modify how we do things a bit. Gibsons is ahead of Roberts Creek in this department. In Gibsons, if you walk into the Legion at 8 o’clock, the music starts as you walk in. It’s the law there. It’s possible to dance hard for an hour or an hour and a half, dance out the door at ten, and be home in bed by 10:30.

Alas, in Roberts Creek it is not always so. We went to one show, about which we had heard good things. The listed time was eight. Another band, not the band we came to see, played first. Then there was a long pause. The man we had come to see was drinking shots of whisky and hanging out, showing no signs of playing music. Maybe he was hoping more people would come. We finally gave up at ten and left. I heard later he didn’t start the music until 10:30 or so.

So when I saw that one of our favorite bands, The Georgia Fats, was booked for the Roberts Creek Legion for November 23rdand show time was listed as 8, I didn’t really believe it. I got an email address for the band on-line (Ain’t the Interweb grand?) and sent off an email saying what big fans we are but how we are old etc. I got an email back from The Georgia Fats lead singer Joel Fafard saying The Georgia Fats are committed to starting at 8 pm.

Dancing! A Roberts Creek thing! But earlier. Don’t forget to vote.



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