Not So Quick

Liberal-minded folks this morning celebrate the Democratic “victory” in the House Of Representatives, but it is your publisher’s view that this belief ignores reality.

Is it true that the Democrats now have a tool to thwart GOP policy/legislation? Is this is good thing? Yes, and no. Maybe they don’t recall the Obama years and, to take just a single example, the extended (and ultimately successful) GOP opposition to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Is it a good thing for America to have a paralyzed Congress? Nope. But paralyzed it will be. Congress will be neutered, and any policy will be accomplished through Executive Order. That would be to 45’s mercurial will.

America is still fighting the Civil War.

Look at the Civil War map, and then look at colour-coded maps depicting low educational rates, gun/racial violence, poverty, unwillingness of immigrants to settle in parts of America, low levels of economic development. Overlay these maps. They are the same.

No, last night’s election settles nothing. In fact, it highlights the divide between rural, uneducated, older white America and urban, educated, professional, diverse places that drive innovation and the national imagination.

No good will come of this election.





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