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Let’s be frank.

The Sunshine Coast is not Manhattan.

Especially in the drear of the rainy months (which your publisher happens to like), the jitter and twang of summer concerts echo – and we may feel a bit lacking for the expressions of joy and art that are everywhere when the Sun is high and the water is warm.

We think of quieter things when the rain comes. Our thoughts turn to our slumbering gardens. The pickles we always say we’ll make but don’t. The books waiting by our bedside table. The winter hobbies. Meditation.

But there are some people who just keep driving the zip and zang of this community, whose vision is so bright and compelling, that this autumnal decline into hibernation is shaken up.

My friend, Janice Williams, is a cultural force of nature. The current “Off The Wall” show at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery is just the most recent of countless shows and events she’s organized. Her really cool “Brave Mike” events over the past years have given shy writers a safe and fun place to read their work.

So, your publisher would just like to take to his own soapbox to say “Janice, we love you. Thanks.”

Oh, yeah. Moose had a role in all of this, too.

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