Gritty Poems



Low self

Lower opinions

What does it matter?

Who are they?

They never shall and never will

know her story

or break her will.

Cold shoulders

Lonely roads

A father who betrayed.

She sees her fate

in a portal between her thighs.

In a public restroom at a truck stop

she powders her nose with Peruvian makeup,

applies lipstick redder than a stop sign,

yet she still can’t see the signs.

Another john 2 am,

by 2:45, dead and robbed.

Gone too is little Timothy who never even cried.


No Escape


No escape from this:

the light from a zippo heats the tainted glass,

chemicals evaporated into clouds

raining toxic addiction.


The kitchen

A crockpot

Bright lights

Poison culturing into evil.


The dingy man,

teeth missing or broken,

his hand holds a zippo,

a lightbulb pipe cooks his preferred method

of no escape.


Tried some at eighteen

on a dare from friends.

A good boy, straight A’s.

Pressure mounts like heat in the pot.

No escape from this..


ETA 5 minutes


Time 2:13 am

Place: any town or city

Brown devil’s blood boils in Satan’s platter.

The snake is loaded in the pistol.

He is tied, but bound by nothing.

Slowly the serpent uncoils through the tunnels,

it slithers sinister.


We got a male, early thirties,

unconscious, unresponsive,

apparent OD

ETA five minutes.


After the Bar


Even a mouse wants out.

No tree but bright lights regardless,

blinking white blue and red.

Sounds mingle like rain and snow.

A child cries wrapped in a blanket,

next to his mother similarly clad.

The questions from one officer:

“And what happened when he got home from the bar?”
Cold, with no heart, in the rear of the car

a man sits wearing an undershirt and blue boxers.

He yells:

“Wait til I get out Suzy. You and that brat’ll get it!”

Suzy and Jacob turn from the officers toward the house for the last time.

A gift has come,

The gift of resolve.

By Christmas morning they’ll be at her sister’s.

A new beginning.


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