About Us

The Coast Independent exists to showcase the talents of independent writers and journalists, artists, photographers, social activists, cooks, gardeners, doctors, armchair critics, and artisans from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia – from Langdale, through Gibsons, Sechelt and all the way to Powell River.

The Coast Independent is self-funded – we are not a commercial site. It is essentially a local forum for all cultural producers and consumers living on the Sunshine Coast – and our friends in other places, too. Think of it as a dinner party where new guests keep arriving.

The Coast Independent is an experiment that makes use of the World Wide Web, yet it defies its inherent global span. We aspire to be local – to be a place where we can share our various and unique ways of expression.

But most of all, Coast Independent aspires to be fun – a portmanteau of tasty delights.