Diana Earth

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 29: The Long Goodbye


Duchess’s breathing was shallow, mechanical. Tiny puffs. Her eyes were glazed. When the black-and-tan dog was laid on the examination table at Bonnie’s waist level, she suddenly saw with fresh eyes how beautiful her dog was, how impressive in size. Duchess. Her dog. The dog she had begged for, the dog she’d carried home in

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 26: The Idyllic Interval


The whole time Hogan the horse was living it up as a pampered pet at the boarding stable, Bonnie did not ride him.

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 25: The Gathering Storm


Bonnie and her horse were spending less time together. It made her sad to think of harming him by riding him.  She had to find a solution to the hoof problem, but it was almost unbearable to think about.  She was nearing the age of eighteen now, but she couldn’t face the dilemma she was

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 24 : Going To The Ground Again


After the high school graduation, there was no university as Bonnie had dreamed. The family bills seemed to be piling up, Bonnie’s father seemed to be getting into more trouble, and the newspapers ran frequent articles about university grads who couldn’t find their dream jobs. She didn’t mind settling in to working. Even though her

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 22: Coping With Educational Experiences


Bonnie was graduating.  Formally, she was about to graduate from high school, and informally, she had just passed another course in the School of Hard Knocks. After bringing down the horse, not only was she struggling to force herself  to concentrate on her end-of-the- line schoolwork, but she had to work several days a week,

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