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Snapshot: Mickey

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Hi. My name is Mickey. I’m a sixteen-year-old kitty at the Sunshine Coast S.P.C.A. I’m a big black hunk who loves a lap.

Having a tough day? Let me purr it all away. Don’t let my appearance fool you. I’m going to be around for a while. I could really use a new set of digs. I’m no prob with other cats or with dogs as I love everyone. Just give me love, special yummy food, and the occasional med and I’m good to go.

They treat me nice at the S.P.C.A., yet I know that someone out there could use my special set of skills. Some say I’m the most affectionate cat they’ve ever met. I love harder than a puppy or a kitten and can make you feel like Number One, because let’s face it you are Number One. I look into your eyes and plead, “Take me home.” I heard that the S.P.C.A had waived my adoption fee and maybe something can be arranged about vet fees (oh joy).

I know they’ll be sad to see me go, but I deserve a home. You’ll love me, I’m pawsitive.

(Mickey’s story transcribed by Mike Oswald)

Opinion: Separated by a TV Screen

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Hearing that Roseanne Barr had gone on a racist tirade on Twitter brought forth in me an automatic response. I called her an ugly person with an ugly soul. I had and have no real reason to say such a thing, but in my haste to feel morally superior to this person, who in all truth I know not, I rushed to judgement. To be honest, that puts me not farther from her but in her shoes. With zero knowledge of the exact circumstances I cannot make informed choices or judgements. I would need to sit down with Roseanne and put aside all my negative preconceptions and ask my questions. Will I get that chance? No. Therefore all I can truly say is I don’t agree and leave it at that.

I find the essence of Trump era America to be jumbled, yet focused. While celebrities such as Roseanne Barr support Donald’s ideology, others like Eminen are dead set against it. I, as a white male, age 25 to 40, am not a Trump fan. However for me to spew vitriol at the man, when we are separated by not only a tv screen but a country is foolish. Yes I still find myself doing it. Getting back to the first point, racism in America has always been a problem. Yet it has gone up exponentially since Trump’s win in 2016. The ideas of tribalism have also increased. People are somewhat obsessed, either one way or the other, myself included. If the damage to America is truly to be repaired, acts such as March for Our Lives, the MeToo movement, and capturing racism and police violence on the screens of Smart Phones must continue. If people want to intervene in a bad situation, they must not let radical idealism come between them and a peaceful solution.

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