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Biological Diversity: Bees

  Today, in this first in a series on biological diversity, your publisher’s attention is drawn to bees. He is fatally allergic to bee-sting, but that does not prevent him from writing about creatures that are so vital to plant growth here on the Sunshine Coast and all around the world. Keep Reading


Taxes May Kill Floral Houseboats

A beloved feature of the Gibsons waterfront may soon vanish – a victim of high taxes. For many years, Liz Williams has maintained the amazing floral houseboats, which are moored at the government wharf. These beautiful floating gardens have been a source of delight to all – residents and visitors alike, in all seasons. Indeed,… Keep Reading


Calling All Gardeners

Please submit your best gardening advice, images, and suggestions for our readers. It has been an unusual winter here on the Coast. My garden is full of blooms and hope. If you want to be a regular contributor, then use the “contribute” item in the menu. It is pretty self explanatory. We look forward to… Keep Reading


No farms, no beer

The clock is ticking for Persephone Brewing Co. after a panel of the Agricultural Land Commission gave the Sunshine Coast’s farm-based brewery two years to comply with provincial regulations, or halt operations. Persephone had hoped to get around a requirement that it grow at least 50 per cent of the raw material for its beer… Keep Reading

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