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Being An Entrepreneur

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It is not easy, starting a business. I know. www.coastindependent.com is mine. A labour of love. But it is a tough slog.

You have a dream; you have the energy and motivation; but there are just so many hurdles and challenges.

Your publisher’s friend, Sue, runs an amazing visionary business called gojigo. Go to her site, www.gojigo.ca to see what it’s all about.



Times Of Change; Times Of Opportunity

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Perhaps it was Hegel who said “Without contraries there can be no progress.” Sounds like his dialectic anyway.

As well, in the I Ching the most “favourable” hexagram is the one where everything is out of its place – where maximum movement is possible. The least favourable is where all lines are precisely in their proper place. This latter condition is a condition of stasis. Not a place where visionaries and the brave want to be.


Food And Mood

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It is a timeworn cliché that “you are what you eat.”

But like most clichés, there is a kernel of truth, and recent studies are showing that diet can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Further, this same research is beginning to show that healthy eating habits can actually prevent mental illness.

Before going into specifics, I’ll mention the biggest barrier to the benefits of a wholesome diet: economy. Folks living with a mental illness or mood disorder tend to be poor.

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