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Mental Health/Pets

What Our Pets Can Teach Us

Humans are too good at thinking. We decide on emotional choices based on what seems rational; what makes sense; what is statistically likely. Sometimes we think ourselves into loops, or to places our hearts tell us are not quite right. This causes us to mistrust what our feelings tell us – to ignore good advice… Keep Reading

Spiritual Psychology

The Psychology of Spirituality

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Some people define “spirituality” as going to church and believing in a God. Others may define spirituality along the lines of one of the Eastern non-theistic traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism or Hinduism.… Keep Reading


What Does it Mean to be “Spiritual”?

“Spirituality in a secular world has come to represent a pro-active journey of self-empowerment, self-realisation, or a fulfilling of human potential, which places human consciousness at the forefront of spiritual evolution.“ ~ Steve Taylor Utter the word “spiritual” to some people and it will often evoke a negative, judgemental or dismissive response almost on par… Keep Reading

Community/Health/Mental Health

First, do no harm

“primum non nocere” That’s Latin, from what we think is from the Hippocratic Oath physicians take, and it means “first, do no harm.” In fact, this is not a part of the Oath; it is from another of Hippocrates’s works, Of The Epidemics. Keep Reading

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