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The Feather

The news came out of the blue. Jim was dying. I had been planning a trip to Sudbury for my brother and sister-in –law’s 50thwedding anniversary. Their son Gene had arranged a surprise party. As a gift, I had decorated an eagle’s feather that I had found in our local forest. They were both avid… Keep Reading


A Prayer For K

To the creator of the Sun and the Moon, stars and sky, fire and rain, tides and winds and cloud, the birds, forests and seas, animals and plants and the soil and water that gives life to all – hear my prayer for Kelly. Know her kindness and heart, and give her the strength she… Keep Reading


Love Advice From Aunt Ruby

Aunt Ruby has just returned from a well-deserved holiday and, as is inevitably the case, her inbox is simply jammed with questions from the love-lost, confused, and needy. So, as she dusts off the glitter and confetti from a spectacular time abroad and gets to work, one correspondent raises a perennial issue.  That person writes… Keep Reading

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