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Facing Up to Facebook, A Rant

Like almost the whole planet, I’m always on Facebook. And what do I see? Post after post about Eminem, MGK, or people saying, “I’m cleaning my friends’ list.” I rarely post myself but I’m guilty of sharing to promote my interests, namely music, movies, or even, yes, a cat video, or something political. I understand… Keep Reading


Opinion: Separated by a TV Screen

Hearing that Roseanne Barr had gone on a racist tirade on Twitter brought forth in me an automatic response. I called her an ugly person with an ugly soul. I had and have no real reason to say such a thing, but in my haste to feel morally superior to this person, who in all… Keep Reading


Media Violence And Kids

  Picture this: Mum and Dad fix breakfast. The kitchen TV is tuned into the morning news. Two kids – let’s say five and seven years old – wait, watch, listen, and absorb. Keep Reading


Violence, Media, and Kids

Michael Maser here in Gibsons has developed a very important idea about the impact of broadcast news violence on kids.  Here’s his site.  Sign the petition. http://www.choosenews.org Keep Reading

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