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Snapshot: The Trouble With Trees

On Saturday afternoon John and I were just stepping sleepily out the door to go to a bbq. I heard a small crack and thought hmm maybe the squirrels are throwing things down. Before I could remember that that usually happens in the fall, there was a big loud crack and I knew a tree… Keep Reading


Snapshot: Everyday Miracles

This is my favourite time of year (except for summer maybe, with its swimming and long evenings). A friend wrote to me the other day asking what I thought about miracles. Are there miracles? Have I experienced any? I wrote back about hellebores. Isn’t it a miracle of sorts that when it’s still cold and… Keep Reading


Biological Diversity: Bees

  Today, in this first in a series on biological diversity, your publisher’s attention is drawn to bees. He is fatally allergic to bee-sting, but that does not prevent him from writing about creatures that are so vital to plant growth here on the Sunshine Coast and all around the world. Keep Reading

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