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Sunshine Coast Splendor

Living on the Sunshine Coast of BC, we are immensely privileged to be surrounded by so much natural beauty. As I continue to explore this beautiful part of BC in my kayak, 4×4 and motorcycle, I try and capture some of this incredible beauty through the lens of my camera. Although the images themselves may… Keep Reading

Voting In Spring. Hope

Finally! Spring has come to the Sunshine Coast. A time of hops (oops, that also). What I meant to say is hope, as illustrated by the magnificent Magnolia just outside my front door, which has taken her sweet time to show herself. The sense of hope and looking forward is everywhere in the air, and… Keep Reading


A Slideshow Test

If you’d like to post images or music or any multi-media, then we think it can be done in this community-based experimental space.  Bear with us; we are still mastering the technology. Keep Reading


Portrait Of A Friend

John died not so long ago. Maybe some of you knew him, or had him do design and building for you. I made this portrait a few years back. Had he known I was taking this image by stealth, he’d have hit me with a hammer. Maybe there are other incredible craftsmen out there –… Keep Reading


Calling All Gardeners

Please submit your best gardening advice, images, and suggestions for our readers. It has been an unusual winter here on the Coast. My garden is full of blooms and hope. If you want to be a regular contributor, then use the “contribute” item in the menu. It is pretty self explanatory. We look forward to… Keep Reading

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