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Four More For Nicholas

It seems that our incumbent, the NDP’s Nicholas Simons, has earned the trust of voters on the Sunshine Coast and will not have to clear out his desk at the Legislature for at least four more years. This is a good thing, in your humble publisher’s opinion. He has been an active and responsive representative… Keep Reading

Voting In Spring. Hope

Finally! Spring has come to the Sunshine Coast. A time of hops (oops, that also). What I meant to say is hope, as illustrated by the magnificent Magnolia just outside my front door, which has taken her sweet time to show herself. The sense of hope and looking forward is everywhere in the air, and… Keep Reading


Times Of Change; Times Of Opportunity

Perhaps it was Hegel who said “Without contraries there can be no progress.” Sounds like his dialectic anyway. As well, in the I Ching the most “favourable” hexagram is the one where everything is out of its place – where maximum movement is possible. The least favourable is where all lines are precisely in their… Keep Reading


Join The Conservative Party?

The whole idea of joining the Conservative Party, and thereby gaining a vote in the leadership-selection process to prevent an unpalatable leader from being elected, is just deluded. It is a new variation on the old idea of “negative voting,” which got nobody’s interests anywhere. The future of the Conservative Party (I worked for Brian… Keep Reading

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