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Spoken Word

Spoken Word/Storytelling

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 30: The Reckoning

Duchess had disappeared forever- she was cremated at the vet’s and Bonnie didn’t get her ashes. Nothing of her smart, controversial dog remained except a couple of leashes and her empty bowl. It was odd- when she was sixteen, when she still had her dog and before she sought out a horse, she’d nearly lost… Keep Reading

Spoken Word/Storytelling

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 29: The Long Goodbye

Duchess’s breathing was shallow, mechanical. Tiny puffs. Her eyes were glazed. When the black-and-tan dog was laid on the examination table at Bonnie’s waist level, she suddenly saw with fresh eyes how beautiful her dog was, how impressive in size. Duchess. Her dog. The dog she had begged for, the dog she’d carried home in… Keep Reading

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