Local Links

The Coast Independent and its publisher has a mission: to celebrate community – our creativity, our commitment to inclusion, our joy of art, new ideas and free expression. And above all our energy.

This (new) page is where we list websites created by fellow travellers. If you know of a site that ought to be here, then scoot over to the left to the Contact Us menu item and tell us about it. Alternately, you can email us at coastindependent@gmail.com if you would like to discuss.

www.coasthospice.com Help and care for grief and other things. Just wonderful people.

www.suncoastarts.com is the place for all cultural events on the Coast.

www.suncoastcentral.com is just as it sounds. It is essential viewing.

www.coastreporter.net  The Coast Reporter, our great local newspaper.

www.thelocalweekley.ca  The other guys.

www.resourcecentre.ca  Info and referral for social services and resources on the Coast.