Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

An Old Hippie & Jolly Mystic Dude with a background (or interests) in psychology, sexuality, philosophy, spirituality, consciousness and contemplative practices. In a few different previous lives/careers I have been a youth-care worker and program developer; statistician; database developer; web developer; Wordpress developer; Linux administrator and open-source consultant; network/website security administrator; social-media and web marketing specialist; male waiter on Ladies Nights and a pourer of molten steel.

I currently hang out in Gibson’s BC while attending Alef Trust (Middlesex University) as a Master’s student in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology. When I am not reading, studying, writing, blogging, listening to music or contemplating my navel, I like to spend time taking photos, hiking, 4x4ing, camping, kayaking or challenging social, sexual, gender and intellectual stereotypes.

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