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Gibsons Public Art Gallery

I’m SO fired-up about ‘Coast Lite’, my idea for the Gibsons Public Art Gallery’s year-after-next-year’s show! Its focus will be on the funny, goofy, raunchy, irreverent, lighthearted art, music, song, dance, and what-have-you of the Sunshine Coast! I invite EVERYONE who’d LOVE to take part to get back to me about it! Why ‘Coast Lite’?… Keep Reading


Pet Store Madness

Do we need a new Costco-style pet mart on the Coast? Pet Valu is a monster chain of pet stores that is apparently coming to Gibsons, having already opened its barn doors in Sechelt. We have a handful of independent pet supply stores on the Coast that could well be wiped out by another monster… Keep Reading


Portrait Of A Friend

John died not so long ago. Maybe some of you knew him, or had him do design and building for you. I made this portrait a few years back. Had he known I was taking this image by stealth, he’d have hit me with a hammer. Maybe there are other incredible craftsmen out there –… Keep Reading


Calling All Gardeners

Please submit your best gardening advice, images, and suggestions for our readers. It has been an unusual winter here on the Coast. My garden is full of blooms and hope. If you want to be a regular contributor, then use the “contribute” item in the menu. It is pretty self explanatory. We look forward to… Keep Reading


Food And Mood

It is a timeworn cliché that “you are what you eat.” But like most clichés, there is a kernel of truth, and recent studies are showing that diet can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Further, this same research is beginning to show that healthy eating habits can actually prevent mental illness. Before… Keep Reading


Social Investment In B.C.

Canadians have been talking about health care spending for what seems like an eternity, and as such, it is an eye-glazing topic for most folks. Perhaps this is because a sense of fatalism has set in; no one can see a way in which we can make the system better with so many other spending… Keep Reading


Youth And Depression

A young friend asked me recently about the initial signs of depression. What are they? More importantly, he asked me about talking openly about the increasingly sad moods that are a part of his life. He is 19, in university, and is deathly afraid of the stigma that attends mental illness. Keep Reading


The Courage To Come Back

Nestled atop our local cinema is a place of art and music, light and colour. People come here to share and to laugh and to dance – to join a fluid, diverse community of creative folks. This is Janice and Moose’s place. (Moose has four legs and a wet nose.) Keep Reading


The Walmart Myth

It seems every time a sizable vacant property is cleared, Sunshine Coast residents start speculating about whether Walmart Canada is coming to the area. It’s been nearly a decade since Walmart announced it was going to build a 115,000-sq.-ft. store, in partnership with Wesbild, beside the Gibsons Park Plaza. From www.coastreporter.net Keep Reading

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