Writing and Expression From The Sunshine Coast

Community/Mental Health

The Revolving Door: Mental Illness Aftercare

When a person living with a mental illness reaches the point of hospitalization, those who care sigh a breath of relief. “Thank goodness,” we say to ourselves, “our loved one is in good hands.” And that is true. The mental health professionals both inside and outside the hospital setting do their jobs well and ensure… Keep Reading


Snapshot: The Trouble With Trees

On Saturday afternoon John and I were just stepping sleepily out the door to go to a bbq. I heard a small crack and thought hmm maybe the squirrels are throwing things down. Before I could remember that that usually happens in the fall, there was a big loud crack and I knew a tree… Keep Reading


A Prayer For K

To the creator of the Sun and the Moon, stars and sky, fire and rain, tides and winds and cloud, the birds, forests and seas, animals and plants and the soil and water that gives life to all – hear my prayer for Kelly. Know her kindness and heart, and give her the strength she… Keep Reading

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