Writing and Expression From The Sunshine Coast

Spoken Word/Storytelling

The Shoeless Horse, Episode 17: The Testing

At last. Bonnie would meet a ferrier who pledged to be patient, to be open-minded with her little horse. Hogan didn’t hate all men. He liked Bonnie’s boyfriend, even though Kirk was tall. The trigger was men with tools. When Hogan spotted a man carrying ropes and tools, he was a nervous wreck. It was… Keep Reading


Snapshot: Janice

Nobody sees the world and takes pictures like Janice. Well, maybe Paul Clancy does. This is just a great shot and, dare I say, has a scent of love in it.   Keep Reading

Mental Health

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is It Real?

Someone I know very well was a soldier, and a brave one. He saw and did things nobody should see or do. He left home an idealistic young person determined to do what he thought was right. He came home a damaged, changed, and a very much older man. There were flashbacks. Bursts of anger.… Keep Reading


Snapshot: Everyday Miracles

This is my favourite time of year (except for summer maybe, with its swimming and long evenings). A friend wrote to me the other day asking what I thought about miracles. Are there miracles? Have I experienced any? I wrote back about hellebores. Isn’t it a miracle of sorts that when it’s still cold and… Keep Reading

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