Writing and Expression From The Sunshine Coast


Opinion: Separated by a TV Screen

Hearing that Roseanne Barr had gone on a racist tirade on Twitter brought forth in me an automatic response. I called her an ugly person with an ugly soul. I had and have no real reason to say such a thing, but in my haste to feel morally superior to this person, who in all… Keep Reading

Community/Mental Health

The Revolving Door: Mental Illness Aftercare

When a person living with a mental illness reaches the point of hospitalization, those who care sigh a breath of relief. “Thank goodness,” we say to ourselves, “our loved one is in good hands.” And that is true. The mental health professionals both inside and outside the hospital setting do their jobs well and ensure… Keep Reading


Snapshot: The Trouble With Trees

On Saturday afternoon John and I were just stepping sleepily out the door to go to a bbq. I heard a small crack and thought hmm maybe the squirrels are throwing things down. Before I could remember that that usually happens in the fall, there was a big loud crack and I knew a tree… Keep Reading

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